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Journey Through the Thoughts of My Joy

ISBN-10: 0615505465
ISBN-13: 978-0615505466

Purchase the first published book: Journey Through the Thoughts of My Joy…a Poetic Conversation ‚ÄčBy Author, A. Jeffrey Wallace


A True Roll-a-Coaster Ride Through Emotional Preservation and Spiritual Triumph

The authors unique style and poetry take you to a place where you can feel the pain and joy of every passage as he guides you through an exciting journey which makes you relate to the trials and tribulations of your own life.

~Harvey Lynch

A Beautiful Work of Art…Straight from the Heart

Simply, WOW! I opened this book and literally did not put it down until I had read it from cover to cover in one sitting. This book will draw you in so closely to the heart of the man behind it until you will not only intimately experience his journey, but will find yourself in the midst of your own personal journey. For me, this journey literally exposed every imaginable emotion known. I know this is considered a coffee table piece, but I promise it will become a conversation piece and a frequently visited reference. This piece of art is most unique in how it so creatively and CLEVERly unfolds with so much passion, heart, soul, imagery, and vulnerability…The REALNESS about every kind of “ship”, i.e. relationships, familialships, friendships, we will experience on our life journey. Simply, WOW & a MUST READ!


Embracing the Journey

This is a Must read book…Mr .Wallace strategically set the format of this book to reflect the stages of his life, experiences and desires. When reading his book, his journey becomes your journey. His experiences will reflect your experiences, and his Joy will remind you of your search for Joy. I was consistently asking, “when did you write this”?, because it’s filled with feelings and thoughts many people have. Journey Through the Thoughts of My Joy, captures your emotions and make you think!! It has become a permanent fixture in my son’s (T-Pain) music studio for all to read. Don’t miss out, get your copy and enjoy the journey. Journey Through the Thoughts of My Joy… a poetic conversation.

~Aliyah Najm

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